Precision Brand Products, Inc.

Tool Black® Gel

What steps are necessary to blacken a part with Precision Brand® Tool Black® Gel?

Step 1 – Clean part thoroughly with Metal Polish/Cleanser. Rinse in clean water. Dry part with forced air and remove any excess sootiness. Step 2 – Apply Precision Brand® Tool Black® Gel by swabbing it on. The surface should turn black in 6 to 10 minutes. Rinse in clean water. Dry quickly with forced air. Step 3 – Spray part with Precision Brand® Prevent® to displace water and seal out corrosion.

Is there any benefit in heating the Tool Black® Gel?

Heating the Tool Black® Gel is not recommended. While heating may speed the blackening reaction, the product will lose its gelatinous qualities and become a liquid.

Can hot parts be immersed in Tool Black® Gel?

Normally, it is not recommended. Applying Tool Black® Gel to hot parts will cause the gel to liquify.

How much tool area can I expect to blacken with one pint of Tool Black® Gel?

One pint of Tool Black® gel contains enough chemistry to blacken approximately 20 square feet of surface area, however coverage varies with application technique.