Precision Brand Products, Inc.

Superior Graphite 35001G – SLIP Plate® Penetrant Plus, 12.5 Ounce Aerosol (Pack of 6)

UPC CODE: 45550
PBP CODE: 45550

Can be applied to both nut and bolt threads to aid in assembly of parts. Reduces friction on threads that can lead to premature thread failure and damage. A recommended lubricant solution for adjustment nuts and bolts on equipment. SLIP Plate® Penetrant Plus Aerosol is a 2-in-1 graphite based product. When applied to nuts and bolts, it aids in breaking up corrosion and releases the bolt for proper operation. Common applications are: nuts, bolts, hinges, bearings, latches, pulleys, and gears. SLIP Plate® products cannot be shipped via air transportation.

Product Specs
  • Brand: Precision Brand®
  • Trademarks: SLIP Plate®
  • Packaging Weight: 6.7
  • UOM: CTN
  • Pieces per Package: 6
  • ORM-D: YES

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