Precision Brand Products, Inc.

Superior Graphite 35201G – SLIP Plate® Chain & Cable, 12.5 Ounce Aerosol (Pack of 6)

UPC CODE: 45551
PBP CODE: 45551

A 2-in-1 lubricant that penetrates deeply into cables and lubricates the tight spaces in chain linkages. Concentrated delivery of the lubricant directly to the area reduces overspray. SLIP Plate® Chain & Cable Aerosol combines a solid and a wet lubricant. It produces a friction-reducing layer that lasts longer, protecting better than traditional petroleum wet-film lubricants that only coat the outermost surface and evaporate over time. Common applications are: bike chains, steering cables, winches, garage door chains, and throttle cables. SLIP Plate® products cannot be shipped via air transportation.

Product Specs
  • Brand: Precision Brand®
  • Trademarks: SLIP Plate®
  • Packaging Weight: 6.65
  • UOM: CTN
  • Pieces per Package: 6
  • ORM-D: YES

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